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In a world where business models are shifting and just about anybody can gain celebrity speaking their mind online, the question is... how will you break through? 

How can you best package your unique vision and position your product to attract the media and sales you're after?

That's where I come in.  

I help Corporations think more creatively while helping Creatives think more like successful corporations, expanding their brands and bottom lines through working with Lapiduss Creative.

As a strategist, I cross-pollinate and mash-up techniques, tools and contacts culled from my varied 25-year career --as a Golden Globe winning writer/producer, business innovator and financier, branding and transmedia expert, marketing maven, and more-- to benefit my diverse clientele.  


Here's what a few of my clients are saying:

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So look around, get a feel for who I am, and the many ways I might help you.

I do it for international entertainment companies, non-profits, celebrities, best-selling authors, filmmakers, screenwriters, visual artists, and small businesses of every kind.

I'd love to do it for you.


Lapiduss Creative